The Rules Of Memory
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Enhancement of  Academic Skills For Every Student The Salient Features of the Book are 1 It is a comprehensive book on 10 scientific principles of memory based on the fundamental principles of neurology to enhance memory. 2 This book would be useful to everyone of any field whosoever wishes to enhance their memory skills. 3 This book will definitely be useful for students from high school grade to undergraduate and even postgraduate students for improving their memory skills. 4 It would surely be a useful manual, guidebook or a self-help companion to students regarding, how to study effectively ? Particularly ,in today’s era of information explosion from multiple sources. 5 It would surely be helpful for students for preparing for various types of entrance examinations like Medical and Engineering entrances and preparing for various competitive examinations as well. 6 The book discusses simple easily understandable methods of how to apply various memory techniques with simple examples. 7 The author has made a conscious effort to keep the book as simple as possible, small and concise and away from technical jargons.


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