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  • Doctorji Aani Guruji : Aaglyaveglya Athavni


    Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (R.S.S.) was established at Nagpur, so the Nagpuriayans particularly swayamsevakas came in personal contact with Shri. Guruji, the original general secretary of R.S.S. and the unitial swayamsevak for children was Shri. S.B.Varnekar titled as Pragnyabharati. Here many unheard and untold memories about these two respected persons are told. One can understand these highly spririted personalities. The writing is interesting and inspiring.

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  • Hindu Dharma Shastra Ase Sangte


    The most ancient, courteous, cultured and advanced religion in the world is Hindu religion. Unfortunately due to social, political changes, there developed deep misunderstand and ignorance about it. Many questions were raised on different aspects of it, at different times by many people. Here the efforts are made to answer them. What does our Hindu religion and its theology says about the questions to be faced in particular condition and in particular time? We have curiosity about it but the answers are not available instantly. For such people this book provides the guidelines.

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