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Strategic Innovation For Micro Mechatronics


Micro-Electro-Mechanical System technology is invading in all the applications such as automobile, medical, consumer products and weapon systems. Design of a sensor based on MEMS technology involves complex large number of steps and many variables. This book gives insight on predictive design technique for sensor design.The book also discusses two innovative techniques for optimizing performance of micro-acceleration sensor. This book will be useful to learners of course on MEMS.

Gadgebabanchya Sahvasat


Gadge Baba was not an organizer of propagator of the religion or a saint. He was social worker who moved in the society and taught people about social uplift and the methods to be observed for it. He taught the people the fundamental and basic links of life and worked as an angel. He was moving educational institute, who worked alone, and made people to follow him for the cause of society. The book tells about the experiments made him and the odds faced by him. The information in the book would benefit social workers in particular.

Swasth Sukte Sankshipt


In the Aayurveda, the Indians had studied and established the health of all members in the society in full extent. In this book are can read and know about 10 Sanskrit shlokas out of 20 in Marathi transfer. The right concept about the health can beg of through this book.

Puran Parichay


In this book all the eighteen Puranas have been describes as to become available to the new generation. It includes the historical information side by side.