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Paithan Darshan


The unique importance of the pilgrim place paithan as a religion and centre has been described in the book cultural different important sports to visit and places for purchase of paithani a unique sari and other seats important as visiting have be in also informed about.

Parikshela Jata Jata


This book provides guidelines to the student vth to 12 th academic years for examination. from different aspects and dimension about the examination the fear and excitement, panic frights, awes and dread about the examination can be mastered through them. The examples given can provide positive thinking of encouragement in the minds of the students.

Sahakari Paripatrake 2008 -12


The financial institution in the co-operative field viz urban co-operative banks, urban and other credit societies are controlled by co-operative commissions. Their business works according to the circulars of the commissioner. This the collection of such circulars of last five years. it is very difficult to search in for particular circular. Taking this difficulty into consideration this book on collection is published. This is a very basic need, so the book serves the most important aspect in management and banking section to simplify the purpose writer Anil Sambre

Hindu Pariwar Manhun Amhi Jagto Ka?


The Hindu family pattern has survived through many disasters and calamities of foreign rules and supressions. In order to Strengthen the roots of Hindu values of life and keep alive its traditions this book is written. The basic powers of Hindu family system, its use to role and its assets are made known to the coming generation in this books It’s writer is a well-known social worker called Krishnappaji, who travelled through whole India for awakening people for about the importance of family pattern through discourses. The book was explained his pant of view in simple manner.