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Vidnyannishtha Hindu 16 Sanskar


The sixteen sanskars of the Hindus which uplity the be art in man and evolves him to the uppermost level of the Rishi or taught personality is the subject of this book. The information about them with the scientific aspects full of philosophy and logic is given on it. The book helps the present and future generation to achieve super personality and prosperity.

Yashashvi Netrutvasathi Prabhavi Vyaktimatva


For the development in personality, required to become a leader.

In any institution, movement or business one needs to develop leadership quality in order to be successful. Those who have leadership quality also need to promote it for prospective success and those who lack it need to cultivate it in order to survive. This book gives you proper guidence about short useful hints.

Karmachari Seva Pustika


Information about each and every employee a book or booklet can get printed, with the name of the institute with increase in pages, in adequate price (more pages less price)

Athang Antaralacha Vedh


God is described as the master of the boundless space of the universe. Our solar system is scientifically made known now to a certain extent and there is too much to be known as yet. There are crores of galaxies in the space beyond. which is vast and fathomless area. A well known writer of scientific facts Dr. Madukar Apte has written about this vast space.

Shree Ganesh Mahatma


The information about the God Ganesh has been compiled in this book. Besides the Major places of pilgrimage of Ganesh have also given. The devotees get all the in their minds about God Ganesh answered thereby.