Karj Vasuli Niyam V Paddhat


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Shree Kshetra Pandharpur Darshan


The holy pilgrim place Pandharpur is a seat of valuable centre of religions faith in Maharashtra. This book is useful of the guideline before visiting God Vitthal at Pandharpur.



To become successful and happy, you have to follow and master tactful diplomacy. This is the real wisdom of life taught through Panchatantra, the modern education of the management taught in the famous management schools. The wisdom, diplomacy, genuily which is to be developed into your personality to presented in it through small stories. Which are interesting to understand and follow compilation

Indigenous Technology for Smarter Mankind


India,with intelligent young generation,has potential to become Super power. We can create such scientists of world class when ween courage scientific temper in the students right from their teen-age.This book is outcome of author?s passion for above thought process. It is a compendium of his scientific articles published through newspapers, magazines, journals, souvenirs etc.This book will be feast for teenagers with quest for science and technology.

Vidnyannishtha Hindu 16 Sanskar


The sixteen sanskars of the Hindus which uplity the be art in man and evolves him to the uppermost level of the Rishi or taught personality is the subject of this book. The information about them with the scientific aspects full of philosophy and logic is given on it. The book helps the present and future generation to achieve super personality and prosperity.



The essence of Vedanta conceived in the Upanishadas are the expressions of the purest and heighted thoughts of the ancient rishis. Through them the cosmic viewpoint of the thinkers is revealed. The hidden meaning of them has been expressed in simple words of flowing language in Marathi by shri B. R. Modak. One of them is Aarunyopanishad.