Karjvasuli Margadarshak 2020


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Stree Vividha


Some incidents in the lives of the historical women, the factors relating to their health, competitions and beauty contest of and other aspects has been provided in this book. The achievements women got in different fields of life have also been described.

Creative Life


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Kundali Karj Vyavaharachi


All aspects related to the debt transaction including debt. Analysis to credit society related mechanism are dealt in this book, so that each and every step in relation to debt management made known through a well known expert in banking Dr. Avinash Shaligram?s writing.

Tukaram Maharajanche Jeevansutre


The abhangas (verses) of Saint Tukarama are full with the precepts for simple life through which one can ascend to the higher spiritual understanding, if followed. They are full of born wisdom of the pious saint. All the verses of Tukarama are thoroughy studied, catagorised according to the class of advices in it and presented in a bookfrom by Dr. Yadav Adhaoo. Everyare needs to understand the precepts in them in the busy lifestyle of today.

Swayampak Gharatil Aushodhopachar


In our Kitchen, there are many such things available, which are useful as medicines, Vaidya Shri. R. M. Pujari has given fall information about the household materials and then medical importance, with the hints useful to every housewife.