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Puran Parichay


In this book all the eighteen Puranas have been describes as to become available to the new generation. It includes the historical information side by side.

Vinashachya Vatevaril Prani


There are many animals that have extincted and many are due to extinct because of the greed of man. Man has used the flesh, bones, skull, horms nails and other parts of the animals for food, medicines and also for fashionable goods. In effect many animals on the earth are no more. The whole species has extincted and only fossils or pictures of them are avialabe. The writer G.B. Sardesai has given information about many such animals which had been allve on the earth but are not found at any part of the world today. Some other animals are also on the way of being extincted and so deliberate efforts to help them to live is an urgent need.

Geeta Vichar


Bhagvat Gita is not a basic guiding force for Indians only, but is force for the whole world. The new generation, which don?t read it should get right line of thinking. Keeping this in mind, some precious precepts from Gita have been selected and included in this book for the benefit of new generation.

Indira te Mamata


The book tells about the female political leaders of India from the point of view of the newspaper reporter, the women who adorned the post of chief Minister and the above posts or the party leadership like Indira Gandhi, Mamata, Jaylalita, Sushama Swaraj, Mayawati etc. are the subject of this book. The personality of these women, their qualities of leadership, their rhights and endurance for the bright future, all is made known here (in this book) interestingly by Savita Deo Harkare

Jagatik Ganiti


The book is written in the International year for mathematics in which Nachiket Publishing has paid homage to all mathematicians in the world from ancient period to the modern times. There is information about 100 mathematicians made avialable for the first time in Marathi. Writer Prakash Manikpure.