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Vinashachya Vatevaril Prani


There are many animals that have extincted and many are due to extinct because of the greed of man. Man has used the flesh, bones, skull, horms nails and other parts of the animals for food, medicines and also for fashionable goods. In effect many animals on the earth are no more. The whole species has extincted and only fossils or pictures of them are avialabe. The writer G.B. Sardesai has given information about many such animals which had been allve on the earth but are not found at any part of the world today. Some other animals are also on the way of being extincted and so deliberate efforts to help them to live is an urgent need.

Nisargachi Navlai


Marvels of nature always beckon us Earthquake, Volcano, are some of these disastrous/events of them. Such a event of nature are mysterious and some are amazing water falls, lakes, springs of hot water are the marvels which delight us. In all 25 such marvels with the scientific rationale behind them has been described by the writer in daily simple language. Professor Sudhir Sahasrabuddhe has written the book in such a manner that all age groups can enjoy and get enlightened by this book.

Kitkanchi Navlai


The life cycle of man depends on many factors in which insects are also included. They also play a majer role either in creative or destructive manner. We get ample information about them in this book. A wonderful world of lookwarm, spider, cockroch, house fly, mosquitos, beetles is explained in simple words. Writer Prof. Sudheer Sahasrabuddhe.

Sulabh Aapatti Vyavasthapan


Misfortune or calamity caused naturally or by unawareness make us suffer physically and financially, If we can make management of the misfortune, We suffer less. Therefore the norms of easy management of misfortune is needed. In this book you got foolproof guidance by an expert like colonel Abhay Patwardhan. The book is a must for each student of any faculty.