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Stree Vividha


Some incidents in the lives of the historical women, the factors relating to their health, competitions and beauty contest of and other aspects has been provided in this book. The achievements women got in different fields of life have also been described.

Banking Vyavasay Dhorne


The Reserve Bank of India wants that the banks should have their own policies and follow them strictly. This insistence of the R.B.I. is to be fulfilled and followed. Accordingly 35 policies befitting the intension of R.B.I. are prepared like the drafts so that each bank can take the drafts as its fundamental and supporting principles and should design its policies.

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With the disastrous features of the modern lifestyle, how the temperature of our planet is increasing day by day is discussed in this book. The reasons behind this rise and the problems and risks and dangers that burst out of it are hinted by the writer in simple laymans language. Writer G.B. Sardesai



The life of the earth creatures meant including man depends on the cycle of rains. The factors making a rain cycle are clounds, lightening and rainfall, each having a particular mode and importance. The winds also play a major role to assembleor or divert the rain clouds. Prof. Uma Palkar has given the information about the inter dependance of many factors in the process of rainfall.

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