Sanchalak Margadarshak 2019


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Aadi Shankaracharya


The fundamentalist of Sanatau Vedic religion (Hindu religion), establisher of advaitya tradition in India, the learned Guru Aadi Shankarachary is known to all of us. His full life, and achievements are described fully in this book of Nachiket Publication



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How does a bird fly? How does it build a nest and how their breeding takes place are the queries of inquisitive men. In this book many such questions are answered. The collective life of the birds the meaning of their different chatter, twitter or tweet and other sounds made by them are the matters discussed with the scientific biological knowledge by Dr. Mrs. Pratibha Sahasrabuddhe in this book. We get knowledge of the Bird Kingdom through it.

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This is a book of short stories which are instructive. The positive and negative aspects of life, success and failures one has to face have been the subjects of the stories which help to develop positive view about life