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Aapatti Vyavasthapan


The Misfortune either natural or man-made, one has to suffer more during its range if one is unaware. If we make premanagement of such misfortunes wisely, our physical and financial loss can be averted to some extent. Everyone needs therefore to know about the misfortune management. There is fullproof advice about this aspect presented in this book by colonal Abhaya Patwardhan. Each and every institute, private or (government) public must have a copy of this book.

IAS Adhikaryache Prashaskiya Atmarutta


The experiences of a successful I.A.S. officer can be read in this book. The auto biography revealing the problems faced by the officer makes one cheerful to face the life bravely not bitterly, given introvert out look also. It is a translation of an original English book.

Shree Bhagwan Vishnuche Dashavatar


Whenever there was extinction of religion and where ever there was propagation of unlawful, nonreligion, God the Supreme got incarnated to reestablish the order and peace. Thereby the virtuans and righteas people can live without harm and the circle of the universe is maintained uninterrupted. There are ten incarnations of the God supreme, the Vishnu. The full information about them is provided in this book. The reading of the book makes one knowledgeable about the details and encourages to get more information.

Swapna Sanket


Omens through the dreams are always treated as the product of unconscious or sub-conscious mind. But they present some hints too through them. One must try to understand them in reference to past and coming future. The dreams of self and that of others can become a guiding line for the successfully life for today and future