Shree Sant Chokhamela Maharaj


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In the human circulization agriculture development and progressive evolution of grains is an important developmental step. Grains, such as paddy, corn, wheat, cereal millet has been discribed in this book with is origin and development till today by Dr. K.K. Kshirsagar interestingly.

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Man has to cultivate himself through conscious efforts. He has to teach hemself to avoid the wrong doings and proceed towards the precious, gentle peaceful and happy life. For this at each and every stop he ought to be careful, about what and how to speak and what not to speak. What he should listen and what to neglect, what is to be seen and what is not to be seen. He should know when he should be merciful and where he should not be merciful at all. In short the exactitudes of the behaviour are described in this book following which one can make progress in becaming a balanced personality.