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Bhartiya Shilpashastre


In Ancient India there were 14 techiques and 64 arts which were practised by different artist what Which are these techiniques and arts? There are hundreds of books published on the subjects. In this particular book Dr. Ashok Nene, retired professor of V.N.I.T. has taken overall informative view.



A great Devotee Neetatai Pulliwar has written some devotional songs/bhajanas. This is a book of them. Goden Sharda, Guru devine teacher, God Datta, God Vitthal are the subject of the poems which can be sung.

Vanaspatinchi Adbhut Karyashaili


The ife in the form of regation has existed on the earth since thousands of years before animals came into being. The various mystical life protecting and life propogating qualifies lies in the plant Kingdom. The various varities of the plants, their capacity of accomodating with environment and changing climatic conditions are discussed with different mechanical systems by Prof. Kishore Nene.

Athang Antaralacha Vedh


God is described as the master of the boundless space of the universe. Our solar system is scientifically made known now to a certain extent and there is too much to be known as yet. There are crores of galaxies in the space beyond. which is vast and fathomless area. A well known writer of scientific facts Dr. Madukar Apte has written about this vast space.