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Ba Kaydya


This is the collection of poems as a poet fighting for social order and against corruption, inequality, unhappiness, social distress and hypocrisy. The man is his poems a fighting against all the upper said odds and dreams to get rightful effects in the form of social justice.

Marathi Kavyatirthe


In this book seven important poets in Marathi with their characteristic style has been made available. The poet are freedom fighter savarkar, Anil, Fock poet Manmohan, Balkavi etc. are included. One can get ample information in this tiny book.

Mukta Kavita Manamanatil


A book of poems equal to the poets and writers of Vidarbha like Vamanrao Chorghade, Purushottam Darwhekar, Ram Shewalkar, from Nagpur, Madhukar Keche and Suresh Bhat is written by a duel a mother and her daughter ie. sau Uma Kannadkar and Dr. Sau Manasi Kavimandan, It indudes 84 poems out 95 which 69 are in Marathi and 15 in English. There are 23 poems from the mother and others are of her daughter. The poem ‘Baba’ is praiseworthy Sau. Uma Kannadkar, Dr. Sau. Manasi Kavimandan,

Vyakta Mi Avyakta Mi


descript and undiscript/ Discript and undiscripte parts of human personality. A collection of poems expressing many emotional modes by Prof. Sunil Joshi.