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Yashasathi Kalpakta


To get success novelty is an essential factor. It is through this novelty and innovation for it that has made on daily life interesting. The search and techniques about it and acts on different dimensional factors are discussed in this book. This type of book is made available is Marathi for the first time.

Vaidarbhiya Granthasampada 06


In order to get full information about the publication Business in Vidarbha, this book is very much useful. Colleges, Librarian, Book-sellers, Writers, Orators, prize given, Kirtankar, Printers, News Paper Sellers, New Publishers, each and every person and aspect in this field of books and publishing can be got through this book.

Savakari Kayada 2014


In order to release the poor farmers and other working class people from the of the money lenders, many efforts are bing clutches made. Maharashtra Savakari Adhiniyam 2014 is approved has come into effect is executed now. The original English and Marathi version of it is given in this book. The book has become easy and ready to handle as all laws and sub laws have been given. All those are related to the subject viz pleaders, clients co-operative institutions, worker in co-operative fields, students, writers etc can use it effectly.

Pradushanatun Paryavarnakade


The whole world is facing a severe pollutions danger today. There is pollution of ground water, pollution of soil, pollution due to atomic project pollution due to chemical and thermal project all over the world. Due to all these factors the temperature of the earth and atmosphere around the earth is becoming hot day by day. It has a great effect on the rains and the system of raining and seasons on the earth thereby. In order to avoid this danger or to lesson its effect, the writer has given information about the manmade causes of pollution and also the ways out. Writer Kishor Pawar

Parikshela Jata Jata


This book provides guidelines to the student vth to 12 th academic years for examination. from different aspects and dimension about the examination the fear and excitement, panic frights, awes and dread about the examination can be mastered through them. The examples given can provide positive thinking of encouragement in the minds of the students.