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Devswarupa Kamdhenu


It has become extremely necessary to convince the new generation about the significance of the animal cow, which was worshiped as a godly animal in ancient period. The book on Kamadhenu gives well examined, scientifically judged information about the animal its importance in the modern life is also focused. The book edited by Vijay Yangalwar has been authorised by Shri. Rambhaoo Pujari prominant learned personality.

Jagtik Rasayan Shatradnya


In the international year of chemistry, the scientists in the field of chemistry who had contributed their results in the development and progress in chemistry have been informed. All prominent women and male scientist with their biographical information are given, associated with their photographs. The writer of the book is Shri. Prakash Manikpure.

Roj Navin 365 Khel


There is a need of introducing new type of games in the schools, personality, development camps, institution training of games. This book 365 new games has solved this problem, by introducing interesting new games. These games have seen arranged according to the need of changing atmosphere of different seasons (rainy, winter or summer)

Bhartiya Shilpashastre


In Ancient India there were 14 techiques and 64 arts which were practised by different artist what Which are these techiniques and arts? There are hundreds of books published on the subjects. In this particular book Dr. Ashok Nene, retired professor of V.N.I.T. has taken overall informative view.



A great Devotee Neetatai Pulliwar has written some devotional songs/bhajanas. This is a book of them. Goden Sharda, Guru devine teacher, God Datta, God Vitthal are the subject of the poems which can be sung.