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Bhartiy Sanvidhan : Vaishishtye Aani Parichay


In order to enlighten a lay man about his constitutional rights and duties, so as to decide his strategy, this book is written. The Indian constitution, it characteristics are made known in sample language by Vijay Yangalwar.

Angalakshan Sanket


The mistries about the personality, and about the future are hidden in our body organs. The science about it is called ?Angalakshan Shastra i.e.? The science of body organs?. The organs and their parts all reveal and can foretell about the person, the hidden capacities in his personality, which would get furnished in future. One can easily predict about this aspect, provided he is rightly and scientifically guided about it. The important factor of this science is that it cannot mislead you because the body and organ (body-parts) are clearly visible which guides for the proclamation. In fact this science is complicated and has a vast jurisdiction, yet here the efforts have been made to abridge & simple it.

Banking Regulation Act


This book has fulfilled the demand of banks/credit societies as it has draft with the important articles of Banking Regulation Act, giving explanation about all aspects dealing with it for the working of banks and credit-societies, along with its application in different circumstances. First each one is given in summary/abstract and later on in B R act (applied to the co-operative urban banks) in translation in Marathi. By reading the English part, everyone would be benefited.

Sahakari Paripatrake 2008 -12


The financial institution in the co-operative field viz urban co-operative banks, urban and other credit societies are controlled by co-operative commissions. Their business works according to the circulars of the commissioner. This the collection of such circulars of last five years. it is very difficult to search in for particular circular. Taking this difficulty into consideration this book on collection is published. This is a very basic need, so the book serves the most important aspect in management and banking section to simplify the purpose writer Anil Sambre