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Bhavna Rushi


Bhawana Rishi belonged to the Padmashali society of weavers who orginated the textile business and taught the skill to the people, who were later on called “Padmashali” Bhawana risi was son of the Maikandya risi. This is the first book in Marathi giving full information about his life and work. The writer Prof. Vijay Yangalwar has benefited the common man by this book.

Manatil Akshar Moti


An aged mother go, Durgatai Phatak from wardha, about her daughter had made compilation the title whose writing page is drawn by the grand daughter. The book includes the picture writings in Marathi, Hindi prose, poems of small dramas guiding articles and stories written in the ninety years lifespan wherein we get the information about life style of the woman in last century.

Sastan Prani


Mammals is a still another phylum of the animal kingdom. In the series and nature, we can read about the types, mannerisms, habitats of the important animals in the mammal type.

Bhartiya Ganiti


The wisdom of the Indians is being established in the world again. The Indian thinking linked with mathematics is a wellknown fact. There are many laureat mathematicians in India who had contributed in the field of mathematics from time to time. 51 such laureats have been informed about in this book to modern reader with their contribution, timespan and life by Shri. Anant Vyavahare. By reading this book, Indian citizen world develop a feeling of being proud of them.

Marathi Dnyanpeeth Vijete


The Gyanpeeth prize in literature in Marathi has been awarded to three saraswatas, namely shri. V.S. Khandekar, Shri. V.D. Karandikar and Kusumagraja, Shri. V. V. Shirwadkar. The life and their lifestyle can be made known through this book, the only one available in Marathi.