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Swapna Sanket


Omens through the dreams are always treated as the product of unconscious or sub-conscious mind. But they present some hints too through them. One must try to understand them in reference to past and coming future. The dreams of self and that of others can become a guiding line for the successfully life for today and future

Sarvansathi Yogasane


This is a small book about yogic posters/yogasanas which is useful for each and everyone to follow daily, through handy book, you can perform the as there are pictures and modes of the asamas shown.



A great Devotee Neetatai Pulliwar has written some devotional songs/bhajanas. This is a book of them. Goden Sharda, Guru devine teacher, God Datta, God Vitthal are the subject of the poems which can be sung.

Adhyatmache Vidnyan Aani Ganit


In this book the experiences about the origin of cosmos from the very first step and the journey afterwards has been given. The extracts found in the treaties with the logical method are made known from modern scientific perspectives. The Mahat-sphot concept about beyond the description of sat and asat [beyond the truth and nontruth] which is referred and indicated in Nasadiya sukta (state of singularity) is logically stretched till the present time interpretation of modern science by the author. He has rightly shown how the modern researches are parallel to the oldest concepts of our rishis and acharyas.

Indira te Mamata


The book tells about the female political leaders of India from the point of view of the newspaper reporter, the women who adorned the post of chief Minister and the above posts or the party leadership like Indira Gandhi, Mamata, Jaylalita, Sushama Swaraj, Mayawati etc. are the subject of this book. The personality of these women, their qualities of leadership, their rhights and endurance for the bright future, all is made known here (in this book) interestingly by Savita Deo Harkare