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Onjalitil Moti


The Social life has become healthy and easy to live in and to enjoy by social worker’s dedication they have devoted their life for society, some of these workers dont wish to get publicity so that common man dont know about their selfless endeavour. Some such worker have been made known to the reader by Shri. Arvind Khandekar. There are 3 headings under which the writer has given information , they are condolance, will wishing and Matruvandana. In 2008, the book was chosen by Government of Maharashtra as one of the best books and it has won prize for its contents from Mumbai institute under Swayam Sidha. Catagory –

Yashashvi Netrutvasathi Prabhavi Vyaktimatva


For the development in personality, required to become a leader.

In any institution, movement or business one needs to develop leadership quality in order to be successful. Those who have leadership quality also need to promote it for prospective success and those who lack it need to cultivate it in order to survive. This book gives you proper guidence about short useful hints.

Samruddhisathi Istrayali Tantradnyane


Isreal is a country wellknow for the practice of different techinigues in different fields of life the proparity due to it with progress has become a Keyword for Israel. What are the reasons behind this progress and prospaurity them all times is a motto, the writer wants to be adopted by Indians. This is the main reason for which the book is written by leiturent Padmakar Deshpande.

Yashache Rahasya


Who does not favor success? But alas! it is not availed by each and everyone? Why so? Because one has to understand the mystry about the methodology about it. How can one become successful this book gives hints, tips about positive aspect and how it is to be in one’s personality In all it is a source of inspiration. Read and follow the hints like others and become successful.