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Sahakari Paripatrake 2008 -12


The financial institution in the co-operative field viz urban co-operative banks, urban and other credit societies are controlled by co-operative commissions. Their business works according to the circulars of the commissioner. This the collection of such circulars of last five years. it is very difficult to search in for particular circular. Taking this difficulty into consideration this book on collection is published. This is a very basic need, so the book serves the most important aspect in management and banking section to simplify the purpose writer Anil Sambre

Net Banking


Online banking, Mobile banking, A.T.M., Debit Card, Digital Signature etc., are the modern facilities, How they are to be properly used is the subject of this book. The techinique in the banking business can be easily worked out thereby. This is called as ‘Net Banking’

Bhartiy Sanvidhan : Vaishishtye Aani Parichay


In order to enlighten a lay man about his constitutional rights and duties, so as to decide his strategy, this book is written. The Indian constitution, it characteristics are made known in sample language by Vijay Yangalwar.

Sulabh Aapatti Vyavasthapan


Misfortune or calamity caused naturally or by unawareness make us suffer physically and financially, If we can make management of the misfortune, We suffer less. Therefore the norms of easy management of misfortune is needed. In this book you got foolproof guidance by an expert like colonel Abhay Patwardhan. The book is a must for each student of any faculty.