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Triptych brochure


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Karmachari Seva Pustika


Information about each and every employee a book or booklet can get printed, with the name of the institute with increase in pages, in adequate price (more pages less price)

Bhartuharikrut Vairagyashatak


In the Sanskrit literature Bhartuhari is the eminent poet, who is read and praised popularly. Though his name is not listed in the list of five epic laureates of sanskrit literature, his poetry is more popular than some of them, and his poems are coated very often even today. The poems of such a popular poet on ascerticism are made known to the Marathi reader in this book. The book also includes the translation of the Bhartuhari’s Sanskrit poems made in Marathi by Vaman Pandit alongwith the meaning in prose.

Shree Bhagwan Vishnuche Dashavatar


Whenever there was extinction of religion and where ever there was propagation of unlawful, nonreligion, God the Supreme got incarnated to reestablish the order and peace. Thereby the virtuans and righteas people can live without harm and the circle of the universe is maintained uninterrupted. There are ten incarnations of the God supreme, the Vishnu. The full information about them is provided in this book. The reading of the book makes one knowledgeable about the details and encourages to get more information.

Adbhut Pakshi Vishwa


How does a bird fly? How does it build a nest and how their breeding takes place are the queries of inquisitive men. In this book many such questions are answered. The collective life of the birds the meaning of their different chatter, twitter or tweet and other sounds made by them are the matters discussed with the scientific biological knowledge by Dr. Mrs. Pratibha Sahasrabuddhe in this book. We get knowledge of the Bird Kingdom through it.