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Patsanstha Dhorne


Like the urban banks law the credit societies establish policies written form on subjects. It has become compulsory and necessary also the coming days the need about the knowledge about it is increasing. The ready made policy writer Avinash shaligram has written the book for credit societies also, take these policies and use them for your institution is the motto of the book

Adhunik Kalatil Santanchi Mandiyali


This is the 3rd book in the series birth on the lives of the saints. The saints having enfluence on the people since last 150 years have been includes in this book. The saints like Gajanan Maharaj, Gondawalekar Maharaj, Gulabrao Maharaj and other ten saints lives and prominent in their life have been described in this book. The book can encourage the new generation.

Patsanstha Formats


The forms required by all credit societies for the loan, debt and other working are available here in this book. Different types of forms, documents for different purpose, information section, seizure department, branch sections, loan and debt section etc.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Yanchi Manav Sutre


The thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar about the values like freedom, self-respect, education, religion of the country, Buddha?s religion, untouchbility. Caste-system, struggle, organization and democracy etc. are worthy and enables each generation for the social uplift and self-honour.

Yantramagil Vidnyan


Machines have become part and parcel of the human life today. With the help of machines our daily life has become easy, yet very few of us know the science behind them working of the machines. The writer has explained it in easy language. The machines and the scientific working behind explain the mystry of the their functions. This interesting book by Shri. Jayant Arende is valuable for all of us.