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1965 Che Bharat-Pak Yuddha


The soldiers don?t expect anything from the Society, they just desire that their government and countrymen should be aware about their dutiful sacrifice and honour their death during the war. After the stinging defeat in war between India and china in 1962, the war with Pakistan was won by our brave soldiers, some of whom sacrificed their lives with smiling and dignified ways at the altar of Bharat Mata. The war fought in 1965, in which C I M H Abdul Hamid or lieutenant Colonel Ardeshir Tarapor, a winner of the Paramveer chakra were the dauntless fighters. How many of us know about them and their glorious and frightful fight. The new generation ought to know about them. Time has come to make them know about and enlighten them about the balanced war fought by Indians after the independence. Keeping this in mind 1965 war and its account has been given in this book, so that all Indians would become aware about the sacrifice and the peaceful life we are enjoying at the stake of their brave death.

Aapli Sanskruti


Our values, life-style and mannerism have nourished our culture. About important factors of this culture of ours famous rishis, M.G. Vaidya has given impression to his valuable thoughts in this book. He has written about our culture in short but with the critical aspect.



The essence of Vedanta conceived in the Upanishadas are the expressions of the purest and heighted thoughts of the ancient rishis. Through them the cosmic viewpoint of the thinkers is revealed. The hidden meaning of them has been expressed in simple words of flowing language in Marathi by shri B. R. Modak. One of them is Aarunyopanishad.



In this upanishad too how the cosmic knowledge can be achieved and brought into daily life style is revealed by the writer. Infact the writer shri B. R. Modak has published a series of main upanishadas, the text and interpretation is worth reading for all, who are proud of our noble heritage. One of them is Atmopanishad linking the individual being to the cosmic consciousness.

Avhan Chini Draganche


The challenge of china is becoming more and more serious day by day. The all sided aspects of the serious and severe challenge is reveals about the reality of the time being. What strategy should we and how to execute it is rightly advised in short and simple hint like maxims. The only impatient book on a serious subject available.

Bhartiy Sanvidhan : Vaishishtye Aani Parichay


In order to enlighten a lay man about his constitutional rights and duties, so as to decide his strategy, this book is written. The Indian constitution, it characteristics are made known in sample language by Vijay Yangalwar.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Yanchi Manav Sutre


The thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar about the values like freedom, self-respect, education, religion of the country, Buddha?s religion, untouchbility. Caste-system, struggle, organization and democracy etc. are worthy and enables each generation for the social uplift and self-honour.

Gauravshali Bhartiya Kalganana


The calculation of time gives a fundamental support to the calculation of the historic events. To understand the Indian history in a proper perspective, one must be aware about the ways and practice of Indian time calculation method. Infact time is the fourth dimension of the universe, which has been studied by our ancestors in a deep and expanded perspective and in a scientific manner. All of us should know about this method of calculation. This should not remain a subject in the domain of astronomers and astrologers only (fortune teller). Keeping this in mind this book is written in a manner so that a layman can understand why is it that after Monday, there is Tuesday in the calendar of the whole world? This book helps you to answer it.