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Nivadnuk Karyapaddhati


Due to amendments made in constitutional many changes in the rules of election in co-operative institutions and their references get changed. These change rules in Marathi and the original English rules both can be made known through this book. The book is useful to all co-operative institutions.

Yantramagil Vidnyan


Machines have become part and parcel of the human life today. With the help of machines our daily life has become easy, yet very few of us know the science behind them working of the machines. The writer has explained it in easy language. The machines and the scientific working behind explain the mystry of the their functions. This interesting book by Shri. Jayant Arende is valuable for all of us.

Jagtik Rasayan Shatradnya


In the international year of chemistry, the scientists in the field of chemistry who had contributed their results in the development and progress in chemistry have been informed. All prominent women and male scientist with their biographical information are given, associated with their photographs. The writer of the book is Shri. Prakash Manikpure.

Bhartiya Nobel Vijete


Noble Prize is the most prestigious honour in the world. The Indian who have won this prize. So far has been accounted in this book with their premising work for the benefit of the mankind.