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Tukaram Maharajanche Jeevansutre


The abhangas (verses) of Saint Tukarama are full with the precepts for simple life through which one can ascend to the higher spiritual understanding, if followed. They are full of born wisdom of the pious saint. All the verses of Tukarama are thoroughy studied, catagorised according to the class of advices in it and presented in a bookfrom by Dr. Yadav Adhaoo. Everyare needs to understand the precepts in them in the busy lifestyle of today.

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The employee is called a ‘Shipai’, ‘Hawaldar’, ‘Driver’, ‘Helper’ or by some other words. All of the success of the institutional work. Whoever comes to the institute has to contact anyone of them at the beginning. These workers of different departments are therefore need to be educated in the work of the institution particularly in banking. This book is writtern taking into consideration all these aspects.

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The selected cases relating to banks is made available to bank related people and eg. Societies, Banks, Auditors, C.A. Pleader etc., in Marathi and to laymen/common people in this book people can get aware and enlightened through related work accordingly in them and can perform their banking and other financial, commercial field carefully and cautionary. The important case and their results have been mentioned.

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Mammals is a still another phylum of the animal kingdom. In the series and nature, we can read about the types, mannerisms, habitats of the important animals in the mammal type.