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Vinashachya Vatevaril Prani


There are many animals that have extincted and many are due to extinct because of the greed of man. Man has used the flesh, bones, skull, horms nails and other parts of the animals for food, medicines and also for fashionable goods. In effect many animals on the earth are no more. The whole species has extincted and only fossils or pictures of them are avialabe. The writer G.B. Sardesai has given information about many such animals which had been allve on the earth but are not found at any part of the world today. Some other animals are also on the way of being extincted and so deliberate efforts to help them to live is an urgent need.

Elegant Business Card


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Maharshi Abhiyanta : Visheshwariyya


Mokshagundum Visheshwarayya who was rewarded Bharat Ratna is subject the book. His whole life contribution is assessed in this centenary book. The book is a source of insperation to all children, grownups and the old. There was no book avialable on such a great man in Marathi. This need in fulfilled by Shri. Vijay Yangalwar. Each architect, engineer and every citizen should read this book.



This is one act play of Dr. Vadyalkar based on social sequence, the dialogues is which are very interesting.