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Yamduti Sunami


A messenger of Death what is tsunami frightful cyclone that has thrilled the world of this book provides information in an illustrates and scientific form. The writer is lieutanant G.B. Serdesai

Tukaram Maharajanche Jeevansutre


The abhangas (verses) of Saint Tukarama are full with the precepts for simple life through which one can ascend to the higher spiritual understanding, if followed. They are full of born wisdom of the pious saint. All the verses of Tukarama are thoroughy studied, catagorised according to the class of advices in it and presented in a bookfrom by Dr. Yadav Adhaoo. Everyare needs to understand the precepts in them in the busy lifestyle of today.

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Who does not favor success? But alas! it is not availed by each and everyone? Why so? Because one has to understand the mystry about the methodology about it. How can one become successful this book gives hints, tips about positive aspect and how it is to be in one’s personality In all it is a source of inspiration. Read and follow the hints like others and become successful.

Jagatik Khagolshatradnya


The world astronomers listed in this book belong to the ancient times. Inall 49 astronomirs have been described who have added valuable knowledge to the science. The work they had done along with their life stories can be read in this book. There are 13 Indian astronomers among 49 in total. Shri. Prakash Manikpure is the writer of the book.