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1965 Che Bharat-Pak Yuddha


The soldiers don?t expect anything from the Society, they just desire that their government and countrymen should be aware about their dutiful sacrifice and honour their death during the war. After the stinging defeat in war between India and china in 1962, the war with Pakistan was won by our brave soldiers, some of whom sacrificed their lives with smiling and dignified ways at the altar of Bharat Mata. The war fought in 1965, in which C I M H Abdul Hamid or lieutenant Colonel Ardeshir Tarapor, a winner of the Paramveer chakra were the dauntless fighters. How many of us know about them and their glorious and frightful fight. The new generation ought to know about them. Time has come to make them know about and enlighten them about the balanced war fought by Indians after the independence. Keeping this in mind 1965 war and its account has been given in this book, so that all Indians would become aware about the sacrifice and the peaceful life we are enjoying at the stake of their brave death.

1971 Chi Romanchak Yudhagatha


The war for the liberation of Bangaladesh tought in 1971 and its success is a golden account in Indian history. The thrilling stories of bottles in this war, the stratagies followed in it, displamacy practised by the leaders and victory achieved through all the theses factors has been presented in simple narative way in this book, so that the coming generations get benefited. The reading of the Book makes the present as well as the coming generation aware of the effects of the 1971 was, which had changed the geography of the countries also and gane birth to a new nation called Bangladesh by defeating Pakisthan. Surendranath Niphadkar

Chirvijay Bhartiya Sthalsena


In this book the reader is enlightened about the structure, work and advantages of the military. Those who are interested in this subject would get ample information and others too will enjoy the reading for general Knowledge sake. One will be able to differentiate in Indian Army and in armed forces and know about the history and present day positions of army. Reading of the book may inspire and motivate the youth to join military. The book has also discussed the methods of selection of the Army by colonal Abhya Patwardhan



Everyone of us have curiosity about submarine that works beneath water. The book world of submarine solves this purpose for the first time in Marathi. The invention of submarine formation of submarine, the development in the techinique of building, the mission and work operated submarine is told by Padmakar Deshpande in this book. The writer is lieu tanant.