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Lawad Kayda


The Marathi translation about the laws related to Arbitration are given in this book. How to handle the negotiations and confront the problems during the agreement is the base of this book. The basic law is given in Marathi & English, is made more easy, through it so that each step and aspect can be made known. All financial institutions and people related to it get benefited through this book.

Shrimayurbhattavirchita Suryashatakam


By reading the lifestyle and thinking of the poet helps to know the inner forces of his personality. In this treaties we get the information of the time, work and life of the po?t Mayur. The importance of the sungod, being the original source of all happenings and a divine force of all lives on earth is praised in the suryashatak a long poem of 100 stanzas. The glorious rays, the chariot of sun God, the horses driving it, the driver Aaruni and solar system has been beautifully predicted in the form of melody in this book.

Vyakta Mi Avyakta Mi


descript and undiscript/ Discript and undiscripte parts of human personality. A collection of poems expressing many emotional modes by Prof. Sunil Joshi.



Everyone of us have curiosity about submarine that works beneath water. The book world of submarine solves this purpose for the first time in Marathi. The invention of submarine formation of submarine, the development in the techinique of building, the mission and work operated submarine is told by Padmakar Deshpande in this book. The writer is lieu tanant.

Akash Samrat Pakshi


Birds, the Emperor the sky of phylum aves have been described in this book in detail along with pictures. The classification of the birds and body structure is an interesting aspect of the book.