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Aadi Shankaracharya


The fundamentalist of Sanatau Vedic religion (Hindu religion), establisher of advaitya tradition in India, the learned Guru Aadi Shankarachary is known to all of us. His full life, and achievements are described fully in this book of Nachiket Publication

Adhunik Bhartiya Ganiti


The Mathematicians who have contributed some new knowledge to the world and have proved their genius are described in this book with their respective photographs. All modern mathematicians are listed with their major contributions.

Adhunik Kalatil Santanchi Mandiyali


This is the 3rd book in the series birth on the lives of the saints. The saints having enfluence on the people since last 150 years have been includes in this book. The saints like Gajanan Maharaj, Gondawalekar Maharaj, Gulabrao Maharaj and other ten saints lives and prominent in their life have been described in this book. The book can encourage the new generation.

Bhartiya Ganiti


The wisdom of the Indians is being established in the world again. The Indian thinking linked with mathematics is a wellknown fact. There are many laureat mathematicians in India who had contributed in the field of mathematics from time to time. 51 such laureats have been informed about in this book to modern reader with their contribution, timespan and life by Shri. Anant Vyavahare. By reading this book, Indian citizen world develop a feeling of being proud of them.

Bhartiya Nobel Vijete


Noble Prize is the most prestigious honour in the world. The Indian who have won this prize. So far has been accounted in this book with their premising work for the benefit of the mankind.

Bhartiya Olympic Veer


The Indian Olympic players have added to the honour of India in the world. The coming generation should get full information about them 20 that the would know that only software faculty is not of prime importance. The boys and girls of the coming generation may get inspiration to cultivate liking in a playing field and develop their carrier accordingly

Bhartiya Sankhyashastradnyan


The year 2013 was an international year for statistics. The Contribution of the Indian statistics and it usage is made is made publically known in this book. The is major statistics proficient are presented in it with their international contribution by the writer.

Bhartiya Vaidnyanik


The book is on the glorious heritage of the Indian scientist. Right from the ancient scientist rishi kanad to the modern mathematician Dr. Narlikar and Bhatnagar have been described with their scientific contributions. Many rare photographs add value of the book.

Bhavna Rushi


Bhawana Rishi belonged to the Padmashali society of weavers who orginated the textile business and taught the skill to the people, who were later on called “Padmashali” Bhawana risi was son of the Maikandya risi. This is the first book in Marathi giving full information about his life and work. The writer Prof. Vijay Yangalwar has benefited the common man by this book.

Devarshi Narad


One among the for mentality follower or souls (manipulation) of lord Brahmdeo and one among the eight immortal souls in Indian mythology, Narad was a variable personality well read in many shastras (disciplines), but her himself had considered high esteemed for the devotion towards God (Bhakti) and all the time remained a devotee. This one is the very first book written in Marathi on Narad Maharshi.