Khelabaddal Barech Kahi


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Sulabh Aapatti Vyavasthapan


Misfortune or calamity caused naturally or by unawareness make us suffer physically and financially, If we can make management of the misfortune, We suffer less. Therefore the norms of easy management of misfortune is needed. In this book you got foolproof guidance by an expert like colonel Abhay Patwardhan. The book is a must for each student of any faculty.

Nakshatra Maitri


In this book the planets visible through naked eyes are described with their diagrams in the sky. Each planet is shown with its respective space in the sky, supplied with the Greek story/legend associated with it. One can develop friendship with the planets after reading the book by famous science writer Dr. P.V. Khandekar.

Shakun Sanket


The unforseen and unknown events in the future can be understood through different omens. There are hints given about them through the natures, but we don’t pay proper alteration to them, we don’t understand about the hints, so ignore them. This reading is made known through 25 ancient source by the writer in this book. The amens in daily live and their meaning can provide one life worth living and better living successfully.