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Bhartiya Olympic Veer


The Indian Olympic players have added to the honour of India in the world. The coming generation should get full information about them 20 that the would know that only software faculty is not of prime importance. The boys and girls of the coming generation may get inspiration to cultivate liking in a playing field and develop their carrier accordingly

Hockey Jadugar Mejar Dhyanchand


This book is about the all time best hockey player Major Dhyanchand, Whose skillful play had amazed Hitlar. Hitler had offered Dhyanchand the post of general in his army. The book salutes the glorious majestic personality of the Indian hockey player Dhyanchand, who is honored all over the world had rejected the post for the Dr. Sanjay Khalatkar sake of India’s pride.



The game played in small place, without any instrument and money is kho-kho. It is a 100% Indian game making the player active, slim and quick in action and tough. The book provide full information about it, which would be helpful to the trainers of game / game trainers, the organizers of compitions of games and game-academies.

Roj Navin 365 Khel


There is a need of introducing new type of games in the schools, personality, development camps, institution training of games. This book 365 new games has solved this problem, by introducing interesting new games. These games have seen arranged according to the need of changing atmosphere of different seasons (rainy, winter or summer)

Vayukanya P. T. Usha


P.T. Usha is one of the best runner player of India the book is a living data of the physical and mental hard and passionate efforts, She made to get the derived success.