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Jagatik Khagolshatradnya


The world astronomers listed in this book belong to the ancient times. Inall 49 astronomirs have been described who have added valuable knowledge to the science. The work they had done along with their life stories can be read in this book. There are 13 Indian astronomers among 49 in total. Shri. Prakash Manikpure is the writer of the book.

Vanaspatinchi Adbhut Karyashaili


The ife in the form of regation has existed on the earth since thousands of years before animals came into being. The various mystical life protecting and life propogating qualifies lies in the plant Kingdom. The various varities of the plants, their capacity of accomodating with environment and changing climatic conditions are discussed with different mechanical systems by Prof. Kishore Nene.

Marathi Kavyatirthe


In this book seven important poets in Marathi with their characteristic style has been made available. The poet are freedom fighter savarkar, Anil, Fock poet Manmohan, Balkavi etc. are included. One can get ample information in this tiny book.

Avhan Chini Draganche


The challenge of china is becoming more and more serious day by day. The all sided aspects of the serious and severe challenge is reveals about the reality of the time being. What strategy should we and how to execute it is rightly advised in short and simple hint like maxims. The only impatient book on a serious subject available.