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Athang Antaralacha Vedh


God is described as the master of the boundless space of the universe. Our solar system is scientifically made known now to a certain extent and there is too much to be known as yet. There are crores of galaxies in the space beyond. which is vast and fathomless area. A well known writer of scientific facts Dr. Madukar Apte has written about this vast space.

Sampurna Vivah Margadarshan


Marriage ceremony, right from the selection of bride and groom, till its successful ending includes many problem. Marriage the emotional aspect of both parties, with successful handling of all rituals is the subject of this book. The ceremony can get performed economically, with orderliness, and playfully, one get hints about through this book. The meaning & the purpose marriage, how the management should be done, the budget, religious rituals to be performed in order each and every aspect is discussed. One can get satisfactory answers to all problems related to marriage ceremony & its management.

Bhartiya Shilpashastre


In Ancient India there were 14 techiques and 64 arts which were practised by different artist what Which are these techiniques and arts? There are hundreds of books published on the subjects. In this particular book Dr. Ashok Nene, retired professor of V.N.I.T. has taken overall informative view.

Sahakari Paripatrake 2008 -12


The financial institution in the co-operative field viz urban co-operative banks, urban and other credit societies are controlled by co-operative commissions. Their business works according to the circulars of the commissioner. This the collection of such circulars of last five years. it is very difficult to search in for particular circular. Taking this difficulty into consideration this book on collection is published. This is a very basic need, so the book serves the most important aspect in management and banking section to simplify the purpose writer Anil Sambre

Mahabhartatil Vidurniti


Vidur is a balanced and pious Character in the epic of Mahabharat. He was honoured as the only gentleman in the wicked kawarvas by Lord Krishna who stayed at his home while playing deplomatic tactics in Udyogparva (a chapter of Mahabharat) Krishna had gone there to avoid was as a messenger of Pandwas to avoid the war. The 33-40 chapters of the (udyogaparva) are about the advice, Vidura gave to Dhrutarashtra the father of Kaurawas for maintainance of peace, law and order in the society. This Mahabharatian advice is valuable because it includes all pervading cosmic order to be followed by all governmental heads all times. Vidur neeti is a precious peace of Indian political thought translated in Marathi.