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Bhartiya Ganiti


The wisdom of the Indians is being established in the world again. The Indian thinking linked with mathematics is a wellknown fact. There are many laureat mathematicians in India who had contributed in the field of mathematics from time to time. 51 such laureats have been informed about in this book to modern reader with their contribution, timespan and life by Shri. Anant Vyavahare. By reading this book, Indian citizen world develop a feeling of being proud of them.



There is ample literature writer by larned and great thinkers in India. In this book, we get a complied account about it.

Adhunik Kalatil Santanchi Mandiyali


This is the 3rd book in the series birth on the lives of the saints. The saints having enfluence on the people since last 150 years have been includes in this book. The saints like Gajanan Maharaj, Gondawalekar Maharaj, Gulabrao Maharaj and other ten saints lives and prominent in their life have been described in this book. The book can encourage the new generation.

Stree Vividha


Some incidents in the lives of the historical women, the factors relating to their health, competitions and beauty contest of and other aspects has been provided in this book. The achievements women got in different fields of life have also been described.

Shree Kshetra Pandharpur Darshan


The holy pilgrim place Pandharpur is a seat of valuable centre of religions faith in Maharashtra. This book is useful of the guideline before visiting God Vitthal at Pandharpur.

Kanishth Shreni Sevak Margadarshak


The employee is called a ‘Shipai’, ‘Hawaldar’, ‘Driver’, ‘Helper’ or by some other words. All of the success of the institutional work. Whoever comes to the institute has to contact anyone of them at the beginning. These workers of different departments are therefore need to be educated in the work of the institution particularly in banking. This book is writtern taking into consideration all these aspects.