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Islami Jagachi Chitre


The Islamic role is expanded on a large area the population of it too is vast The distructive deeds by this Eslamic Society has frightened the world along with India and also has made the world cautious. Many sensational events are occuring here and there which we cant even imagin. We observe that at each day some sort of change is taking place, somewhere in the Islamic country. This book describes the Islimic world of the 21st century. It is not a book about the study of Islamic religion, nor does it. Comment on their philosophy. It only tells about the happenings in that world, so as to make the reader know in details about the flow of events.

Shakha Vyavasthapan


URBAN banks and credit societies have many branches. Which represent as if a battle field. The managers, workers (Personnel) and their working skill is a weapon which decides the result of the war battle. The efficiency of them provide success to the institute. The responsibility of the branches through branch manager and other workers, their co-operative communication with the main branch and all about such related matters are gets guidelines through this precious book. This is new and revised editions of the old book.

Devarshi Narad


One among the for mentality follower or souls (manipulation) of lord Brahmdeo and one among the eight immortal souls in Indian mythology, Narad was a variable personality well read in many shastras (disciplines), but her himself had considered high esteemed for the devotion towards God (Bhakti) and all the time remained a devotee. This one is the very first book written in Marathi on Narad Maharshi.

Shree Krushnachi Jeevansutre


The guidelines of lord Krishna in this book are focused on the law of Karma to be followed in daily life. When one’s mind is restless, the dictums in this book, help one as guidelines.