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Shakha Vyavasthapan


URBAN banks and credit societies have many branches. Which represent as if a battle field. The managers, workers (Personnel) and their working skill is a weapon which decides the result of the war battle. The efficiency of them provide success to the institute. The responsibility of the branches through branch manager and other workers, their co-operative communication with the main branch and all about such related matters are gets guidelines through this precious book. This is new and revised editions of the old book.

IAS Adhikaryache Prashaskiya Atmarutta


The experiences of a successful I.A.S. officer can be read in this book. The auto biography revealing the problems faced by the officer makes one cheerful to face the life bravely not bitterly, given introvert out look also. It is a translation of an original English book.

Samruddhisathi Istrayali Tantradnyane


Isreal is a country wellknow for the practice of different techinigues in different fields of life the proparity due to it with progress has become a Keyword for Israel. What are the reasons behind this progress and prospaurity them all times is a motto, the writer wants to be adopted by Indians. This is the main reason for which the book is written by leiturent Padmakar Deshpande.

Man Tarang


On a rare occasion, the deep mind, gives expression to the hidden shell in the sea of mind dispersing the pearls in it on the foreground of written form of the poems. The poems in this book may not be called as ideal and are not possible to be sung on yet they are honest in their feelings.

Mahila Sant


Our country has given birth to many highly spirited saints. These are male, as well as women saints. In this book women saints such as Janabai, Muktai, Kanhopatra, Meerabai and Bahinabai, the prominent saints have been included, The life, life style and the advice of them is given hee. in this book.