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Patsanstha Dhorne


Like the urban banks law the credit societies establish policies written form on subjects. It has become compulsory and necessary also the coming days the need about the knowledge about it is increasing. The ready made policy writer Avinash shaligram has written the book for credit societies also, take these policies and use them for your institution is the motto of the book

Adbhut Pakshi Vishwa


How does a bird fly? How does it build a nest and how their breeding takes place are the queries of inquisitive men. In this book many such questions are answered. The collective life of the birds the meaning of their different chatter, twitter or tweet and other sounds made by them are the matters discussed with the scientific biological knowledge by Dr. Mrs. Pratibha Sahasrabuddhe in this book. We get knowledge of the Bird Kingdom through it.

Yashashvi Netrutvasathi Prabhavi Vyaktimatva


For the development in personality, required to become a leader.

In any institution, movement or business one needs to develop leadership quality in order to be successful. Those who have leadership quality also need to promote it for prospective success and those who lack it need to cultivate it in order to survive. This book gives you proper guidence about short useful hints.

C.E.O. Bhumika ani Jababdari


The C.E.O. in the urban banks, credit society any other institution is an important person like the vizier in the government system. In order to be successful as C.E.O. as a chief executive officer is a difficult exercise what is his primary and important responsibility what strategies he should follow, now where and where what are the jurisdictions of his powers? All such generation answering book is made available in Marathi. The book is beneficial for the C.E.O. of today and tomorrow.