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In this upanishad too how the cosmic knowledge can be achieved and brought into daily life style is revealed by the writer. Infact the writer shri B. R. Modak has published a series of main upanishadas, the text and interpretation is worth reading for all, who are proud of our noble heritage. One of them is Atmopanishad linking the individual being to the cosmic consciousness.

Mahabhartatil Vidurniti


Vidur is a balanced and pious Character in the epic of Mahabharat. He was honoured as the only gentleman in the wicked kawarvas by Lord Krishna who stayed at his home while playing deplomatic tactics in Udyogparva (a chapter of Mahabharat) Krishna had gone there to avoid was as a messenger of Pandwas to avoid the war. The 33-40 chapters of the (udyogaparva) are about the advice, Vidura gave to Dhrutarashtra the father of Kaurawas for maintainance of peace, law and order in the society. This Mahabharatian advice is valuable because it includes all pervading cosmic order to be followed by all governmental heads all times. Vidur neeti is a precious peace of Indian political thought translated in Marathi.

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