Pahile Mahayuddh Ka Zale ? Kase Zale ?


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Dr. Homi Bhaba


The grate scientist of this from India, Dr. Homi Bhabha, who established many scientific institutions during his life and many promising scientist have gained inspiration from him, When he was alive and even after death. He has remained a source of inspiration. This book is a homage with all possible information about his life and his devotion to science. It includes various pictures related to his dicoveries and inventions.

Jalsamrat Mase


This is one of the books from the series on the nature and animals in it. This is the first one, wherein, we can enjoy the lifestyle of the which are the emperors of the sea.

Guptacharanchi Duniya


The world of the spies is mysterious and full of frightening, so also full of alarming incidents. The reality of this world, the hard steps to open the mysteries and the logical thinking process for the operations executed by the spies is the subject of this book. The awesome, scarce methods adapted to know and understand the mental makeup of the culprit is the challenge for the spies. One can enjoy all these qualities while reading the book.

Bhavna Rushi


Bhawana Rishi belonged to the Padmashali society of weavers who orginated the textile business and taught the skill to the people, who were later on called “Padmashali” Bhawana risi was son of the Maikandya risi. This is the first book in Marathi giving full information about his life and work. The writer Prof. Vijay Yangalwar has benefited the common man by this book.

Ceramic Mug Cup


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