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Sarvajanik G. Margadarshak


This book provides information about publications in Vidarbha.It includes information about publishers with their addresses, prices of books and subjects, school and college libranies, book sellers, literate readers, newspaper sellers. Those who wish to enter in the field of publication. (as to make business) must read this book.

Yashashvi Netrutvasathi Prabhavi Vyaktimatva


For the development in personality, required to become a leader.
In any institution, movement or business one needs to develop leadership quality in order to be successful. Those who have leadership quality also need to promote it for prospective success and those who lack it need to cultivate it in order to survive. This book gives you proper guidence about short useful hints.

Mukta Kavita Manamanatil


A book of poems equal to the poets and writers of Vidarbha like Vamanrao Chorghade, Purushottam Darwhekar, Ram Shewalkar, from Nagpur, Madhukar Keche and Suresh Bhat is written by a duel a mother and her daughter ie. sau Uma Kannadkar and Dr. Sau Manasi Kavimandan, It indudes 84 poems out 95 which 69 are in Marathi and 15 in English. There are 23 poems from the mother and others are of her daughter. The poem ‘Baba’ is praiseworthy Sau. Uma Kannadkar, Dr. Sau. Manasi Kavimandan,

Prayogatun Vidnyanakade


The students should build conclusions after making experiments is the purpose of publishing this book. These experiments can be conducted with simple instruments easily. Dr. K.K. Kshirsagar has given many such simple experiments benefiting the students in simple language.

Mahabhartatil Vidurniti


Vidur is a balanced and pious Character in the epic of Mahabharat. He was honoured as the only gentleman in the wicked kawarvas by Lord Krishna who stayed at his home while playing deplomatic tactics in Udyogparva (a chapter of Mahabharat) Krishna had gone there to avoid was as a messenger of Pandwas to avoid the war. The 33-40 chapters of the (udyogaparva) are about the advice, Vidura gave to Dhrutarashtra the father of Kaurawas for maintainance of peace, law and order in the society. This Mahabharatian advice is valuable because it includes all pervading cosmic order to be followed by all governmental heads all times. Vidur neeti is a precious peace of Indian political thought translated in Marathi.