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Jagatik Khagolshatradnya


The world astronomers listed in this book belong to the ancient times. Inall 49 astronomirs have been described who have added valuable knowledge to the science. The work they had done along with their life stories can be read in this book. There are 13 Indian astronomers among 49 in total. Shri. Prakash Manikpure is the writer of the book.

Bhavna Rushi


Bhawana Rishi belonged to the Padmashali society of weavers who orginated the textile business and taught the skill to the people, who were later on called “Padmashali” Bhawana risi was son of the Maikandya risi. This is the first book in Marathi giving full information about his life and work. The writer Prof. Vijay Yangalwar has benefited the common man by this book.

Vyakta Mi Avyakta Mi


descript and undiscript/ Discript and undiscripte parts of human personality. A collection of poems expressing many emotional modes by Prof. Sunil Joshi.

Nivdak Banking Nivade


The selected cases relating to banks is made available to bank related people and eg. Societies, Banks, Auditors, C.A. Pleader etc., in Marathi and to laymen/common people in this book people can get aware and enlightened through related work accordingly in them and can perform their banking and other financial, commercial field carefully and cautionary. The important case and their results have been mentioned.