Shakha Vyavasthapan Shastra Aani Kala


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Hitopdesh Chaturya Sutre


The elders dont read the book and remain unadvised by ignoring the ill this book. The book though is suppossed to be read by children, it is very very important for people of all age groups. The original sanskrit epigrams and their meaning, inner meaning is revealed in simple language in the book.

Shree Ganesh Mahatma


The information about the God Ganesh has been compiled in this book. Besides the Major places of pilgrimage of Ganesh have also given. The devotees get all the in their minds about God Ganesh answered thereby.

Shrimayurbhattavirchita Suryashatakam


By reading the lifestyle and thinking of the poet helps to know the inner forces of his personality. In this treaties we get the information of the time, work and life of the po?t Mayur. The importance of the sungod, being the original source of all happenings and a divine force of all lives on earth is praised in the suryashatak a long poem of 100 stanzas. The glorious rays, the chariot of sun God, the horses driving it, the driver Aaruni and solar system has been beautifully predicted in the form of melody in this book.

Kitkanchi Navlai


The life cycle of man depends on many factors in which insects are also included. They also play a majer role either in creative or destructive manner. We get ample information about them in this book. A wonderful world of lookwarm, spider, cockroch, house fly, mosquitos, beetles is explained in simple words. Writer Prof. Sudheer Sahasrabuddhe.



Poetry having expression of the young pulsating heart by Prof. Manoj A. Dhanvijay.