Shree Navnath Kathasar


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Hitopdesh Chaturya Sutre


The elders dont read the book and remain unadvised by ignoring the ill this book. The book though is suppossed to be read by children, it is very very important for people of all age groups. The original sanskrit epigrams and their meaning, inner meaning is revealed in simple language in the book.



Shri. Vasant Chinchalkar has given expression to some personalities he came into contact in this book. He has clissified these people/personalities of his choice in Sa, re, Ga, Ma, P and ni – the notes of music. There are some personalities who are famous social figures and some are common people acquainted with the writer, yet each of them have some special feature, which the writer has aptly focused an and meticulously discussed.

Sarvansathi Yogasane


This is a small book about yogic posters/yogasanas which is useful for each and everyone to follow daily, through handy book, you can perform the as there are pictures and modes of the asamas shown.

Aapli Sanskruti


Our values, life-style and mannerism have nourished our culture. About important factors of this culture of ours famous rishis, M.G. Vaidya has given impression to his valuable thoughts in this book. He has written about our culture in short but with the critical aspect.



Poetry having expression of the young pulsating heart by Prof. Manoj A. Dhanvijay.