Sulabh Panchang Vachan Aani Kundali Lekhan


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Ba Kaydya


This is the collection of poems as a poet fighting for social order and against corruption, inequality, unhappiness, social distress and hypocrisy. The man is his poems a fighting against all the upper said odds and dreams to get rightful effects in the form of social justice.

Nisargachi Navlai


Marvels of nature always beckon us Earthquake, Volcano, are some of these disastrous/events of them. Such a event of nature are mysterious and some are amazing water falls, lakes, springs of hot water are the marvels which delight us. In all 25 such marvels with the scientific rationale behind them has been described by the writer in daily simple language. Professor Sudhir Sahasrabuddhe has written the book in such a manner that all age groups can enjoy and get enlightened by this book.

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This is a book written to answer the pervert comments made by James Lane in his book. Who with prejudiced mind has made comments on Shivaji. How these comments are biased and are distorted has been established with the presentation of the historical facts by the writer. All of us, who have earnest concern for the real history and also about Shivaji must read this book. A powerful refutation by the writer appeals to the reader and disproves the pervert views. Dr. Pramod Pathak

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Banking, auditing and accounts and investing are the four basic functioning schemes in the banking field hundreds of words are used for the working. Such important words with their meaning the other words which can be in their place are also provided in the bank. The index is also available as in the English books.