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Dr. Homi Bhaba


The grate scientist of this from India, Dr. Homi Bhabha, who established many scientific institutions during his life and many promising scientist have gained inspiration from him, When he was alive and even after death. He has remained a source of inspiration. This book is a homage with all possible information about his life and his devotion to science. It includes various pictures related to his dicoveries and inventions.

Geetatatva Pradip


A grate sent in the learning of the spirituality late shri B. R. Modak has describe the meaning of the Geeta a in short and precise manner through this book. Geeta can be interpreted and understood in different perspectives, the book is a valuable gift to all who love and honour Geeta.

Matang Samaj Vikasachya Dishene


In this book scientific study about the history of Matang tribal Society, the changes it came across after the Indian indipendence in comparision with other tribals, the questions it is facing today and the answers of its progressive march are discussed in an instructive and attractive manner.-Dr. Ashru Jadhav,

Parikshela Jata Jata


This book provides guidelines to the student vth to 12 th academic years for examination. from different aspects and dimension about the examination the fear and excitement, panic frights, awes and dread about the examination can be mastered through them. The examples given can provide positive thinking of encouragement in the minds of the students.

Swasth Sukte Sankshipt


In the Aayurveda, the Indians had studied and established the health of all members in the society in full extent. In this book are can read and know about 10 Sanskrit shlokas out of 20 in Marathi transfer. The right concept about the health can beg of through this book.