This is the most important among all upnishadas. It has been translated in Marathi by B. R. Modak is easy and current language.

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This is the most important among all upnishadas. It has been translated in Marathi by B. R. Modak is easy and current language.

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Shri. Vasant Chinchalkar has given expression to some personalities he came into contact in this book. He has clissified these people/personalities of his choice in Sa, re, Ga, Ma, P and ni – the notes of music. There are some personalities who are famous social figures and some are common people acquainted with the writer, yet each of them have some special feature, which the writer has aptly focused an and meticulously discussed.

Shree Bhagwan Vishnuche Dashavatar


Whenever there was extinction of religion and where ever there was propagation of unlawful, nonreligion, God the Supreme got incarnated to reestablish the order and peace. Thereby the virtuans and righteas people can live without harm and the circle of the universe is maintained uninterrupted. There are ten incarnations of the God supreme, the Vishnu. The full information about them is provided in this book. The reading of the book makes one knowledgeable about the details and encourages to get more information.



To become successful and happy, you have to follow and master tactful diplomacy. This is the real wisdom of life taught through Panchatantra, the modern education of the management taught in the famous management schools. The wisdom, diplomacy, genuily which is to be developed into your personality to presented in it through small stories. Which are interesting to understand and follow compilation



The life of the earth creatures meant including man depends on the cycle of rains. The factors making a rain cycle are clounds, lightening and rainfall, each having a particular mode and importance. The winds also play a major role to assembleor or divert the rain clouds. Prof. Uma Palkar has given the information about the inter dependance of many factors in the process of rainfall.

Yashashvi Netrutvasathi Prabhavi Vyaktimatva


For the development in personality, required to become a leader.

In any institution, movement or business one needs to develop leadership quality in order to be successful. Those who have leadership quality also need to promote it for prospective success and those who lack it need to cultivate it in order to survive. This book gives you proper guidence about short useful hints.