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Savakari Kayada 2014


In order to release the poor farmers and other working class people from the of the money lenders, many efforts are bing clutches made. Maharashtra Savakari Adhiniyam 2014 is approved has come into effect is executed now. The original English and Marathi version of it is given in this book. The book has become easy and ready to handle as all laws and sub laws have been given. All those are related to the subject viz pleaders, clients co-operative institutions, worker in co-operative fields, students, writers etc can use it effectly.

Chirvijay Bhartiya Sthalsena


In this book the reader is enlightened about the structure, work and advantages of the military. Those who are interested in this subject would get ample information and others too will enjoy the reading for general Knowledge sake. One will be able to differentiate in Indian Army and in armed forces and know about the history and present day positions of army. Reading of the book may inspire and motivate the youth to join military. The book has also discussed the methods of selection of the Army by colonal Abhya Patwardhan